Monday, November 24, 2014

Parents' Day-Celebrating Our Differences

Yaayyy!!...Everyone is here! Time to start our Parents' Day
a few words from the parents' committee

Kids and moms on fun bike

Dads all set for treasure hunt on bikes

Dads finally found Post 1 " ni hao' Kak Tri" (our password)
Here comes the question cards 'Are you smarter then a preschooler?'
Since our unit theme is 'China', the questions were all about China
'Name a famous river in China?'
'What is the color of the Chinese flag?'

On to Post 2 " Ni hao' Kak Nila"
Dads had to put together the puzzles

Back to base camp for snacks and a family yell competition
 Family kite competition with kites that the children made at the kite museum

A beautiful fun family day


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