Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dinosaurs in ice, Dinosaurs in sand

Hi, we are back for a short while before we close again for the Idul Fitri Holidays. The teachers wanted to give the children a real fun welcome back to school, so a lot of cool activities were set up for the children to explore.

There were dinosaurs frozen in ice, which the children dug and dug three days in a row till they could get all their dinosaurs out.
The kids put colored salt on the ice
and dug
Then they poured warm water and
dug some more

On the second day, a few more dinos
buried in ice
The kids were determined to free
the dinos

There were dinosaur fossils in the sand, and the children had a good time digging them out and cleaning the fossils carefully with a brush. What great archaeologists they will make!

We also tried out the giant bubble recipe from the website of Happy Hooligans.

There goes our bubble up to the roof

Then there were ice boats to play with, but they melted too fast. Never mind kids, we will make some more when we get back to school after the Idul Fitri holidays.

'Aren't we going to do any writing?', some of the children asked? 'You sure can', teacher told them. So, some worked with the Montessori Language material and the Montessori constructive triangles, botani and zoology puzzles.

That's not all, for we also did bubble wrap prints and 'ME' prints, and there's more. We will be making chocolate kurma/dates with peanut filling tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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