Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry December

The 14th was a beautiful sunny day, just perfect for our garage sale. Customers showed even before we opened. Parents and teachers put out their best sales pitch and people were pou ring in even when it started to drizzle. Thanks to our dear parents and friends for making it a successful event. It turned out quite well and proceeds will go into a social event, to be determined soon.

Highlight event this December is ‘making rumballs with Santa’. It is our policy to expose children to the diversity in our culture, so during the Moslem Idul Fitri, we made ‘ketupats’ with the children. Early this week, teacher dressed as Santa and we made rumballs. Mmm…what will we make for Imlek and Nyepi..Anyone has an easy recipe for making mooncakes?  (scroll up to read about our post 'making rumballs with Santa)

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