Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yeah! Back to School!!!

It's been a very long lebaran holiday.....
It's so good to be back to school....

The plants need some water

I'll group these clothespins by color

Math is so much fun

Wow! There are picture to match with wooden fruits.

I like to read 'about dragon' over and over again.

The teacher helps me to learn my alphabets

Hmm....I can pour through this funnel

Here's some blue water for me to pour

Look!! The colors are running away!

This is how I write my name

Did you know we can make flags using a pushpin

Hmm,,,this fish puzzle not as easy  as it  looks!

I like to draw lines and color.

It's independence Day!
We raised our flag!

We saluted!
Sang saka Merah Putih

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